We carry high quality sprays   made of natural ingredients and holy water; such as Archangel Michael, Smudge, Prosperity, Miracle Water and Chakras sprays  which are best for purification, protection, healing and manifestation.

Archangel Raphael

Price:  $49.00

Height:   Approx. 9"

Raphael means “God Heals”.  Archangel Raphael offers Healing, Unconditional love and Guidance to all in need; and he will help you to bring about changes in your life.  He is very approachable and full of fun and laughter, and has wonderful understanding and compassion for what we face on our journey as human beings.

Archangel Raphael delights in bringing health, happiness and joy everywhere he goes.  His mission is to heal all suffering and pain.  He will take your worry, fear and anxiety, and transmute them into Unconditional love, spiritual understanding, good health, and happiness.  He helps to dispel the Darkness and to bring us closer to the full experience of the joyous lightness of being.

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