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Light  from the Heavens


"Light from the Heavens- I'll Never Stop Loving You"

Envisage, the humble authority of beginning a book on mystical art and mystical revelations with one of the most spectacular love stories throughout time; a love that is based on a present life discovery that undrapes the events of soul progression, healing, forgiveness and acceptance within a sacred relationship that becomes an epic of resolve across the fluxes of the evolution of spirit.

The first section of this book “Love Story,” invites you to enter a revered involvement, one that reveals the sacred sharing of profound intimacy that bridges two souls of inter-reliant correlation and the exploration that when one event arises, all essential proceedings arise concurrently; revealing the perceptive flow of all actions that have a related connection; this process identifies what transpires when one event materializes within the entire universe; thus, changing the schematic motif of all things, and endorses the power of intimacy as an authorized force of the soul.

As her elevated insight guides you through the various pages you will enter portals of providential comprehension as you read the sections regarding “Spirit,Mother Earth, Transformation and Our Near Future.”  The mystical and channeled pieces of Art that accompany the enthralling writings are mesmerizing offerings from the heavens that flow through Patricia onto her canvas, followed by an in-depth and spiritual translation for each section of the book.

“Light From the Heavens” is an excursion of powerful treasures. It is a spiritual reservoir of mystical art and accompanying spiritual revelations plus validations from which we can draw divine grace, perception, and understanding. After reading this rendering it increases one’s realization that the paramount thing to do in life is to cultivate theaptitude for Wisdom and the capability to truly love faithfully; and to adopt respect for all people, life and Mother Earth; these are the authentic commitments and tenacity of inhabiting a physical body, the soul’s sacred transport.