We carry high quality sprays   made of natural ingredients and holy water; such as Archangel Michael, Smudge, Prosperity, Miracle Water and Chakras sprays  which are best for purification, protection, healing and manifestation.

Archangel Michael Spray (2 oz)

Archangel Michael Spray

Price:  $14.00

Use this mist and call on Archangel Michael. Invoke

peace, protection, justice, goodness, and love. Feel 

the blue ray of support, assistance, and safety 

shiningupon you. Ingredients: Proprietary Blend of 

Medical Grade Oils, Perfumes, Colognes, Holy Water 

fromChalice Well in Glastonbury; Mother Cabrini's 

water in Colorado, Mother Mary's spring in Anatolia, 

Ephesus, Turkey; Sacred Site Essences from 

around the world.

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