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s article is published in Healing arts journal in Jan., 2014

The Power of Alternative Healing

By Dr. Evi B. Cheung


I am very blessed to have found Delphi University during this lifetime.  From the teaching of my Delphi teachers and mentors, I have been able not only to undergo my personal healing, but to share my healing gifts and talents with others.  In September 2012, I opened a healing center where I offer a number of energy therapies, transpersonal psychotherapy, Entura Art and other workshops, and a monthly Healing Sanctuary.  My healing center, the experience of building its services and clients, has brought many blessings and many challenges – all at the same time.  I love my healing work and that love enables me to face the challenges. 

Since its opening, I have been fortunate to see a diverse set of clients, diverse in ethnicity and professional background.  For example, my clients have ancestral ties to Ethiopia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Columbia, and the United States.  They range in occupation from healthcare professionals such as hospital nurses and CDC employees, to corporate managers, world musicians, bankers investors, business owners, housewives, and retirees.  They range in age from senior citizens to seven years old.  Providing healing services brings me much joy, especially when I see my clients find peace within themselves, watch as their eyes twinkling with hope, and know that they are happy with the results of their treatment.  I am grateful to live my purpose: to ease the suffering of others.

 I have been blessed to have witnessed a number of remarkable healings, some of which I would like to share with you. 

Working with a Pancreatic Cancer Client

I received a call from a woman who was not really sure about how I could help her.  She was referred to me by someone in Texas whose identity I have never figured out.  The unidentified gentleman mentioned me, by name, to this woman’s sister and suggested she give me a call.  There are no coincidences. 

This client, who I will call Ann to protect her privacy, came to see me when she was undergoing chemotherapy for Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Ann is a sweet and dedicated woman and, when it comes to her healing, she is a fighter.   We agreed to a series of treatments that included trance healing, often combined with a RoHun card or spiritual counseling session. 

She had never experienced alternative healing and did not know what to expect, so it was only natural that she was a little anxious before the first session.  I encouraged her to have an open mind and, together, we set the intention for her cancer to heal and began the healing session.  After the session, Ann looked physically different, especially in her face.  Her weary look had melted away.  She looked peaceful and refreshed.  Following the second session, Ann was so relaxed that she remained in a deep sleep on the healing table after the trance healing was completed.

And, so it went.  Ann came every week for the first month and then every two weeks.  We continued with our combined session therapy.  Sometimes, guided by Spirit, I would give her a reflexology treatment.  Ann was so encouraged, she chose to find ways to stay in the high, healing energy in her home, such as playing a healing energy CD each night to help her fall asleep.  To help that along, I encouraged her to ask Archangel Michael each night to help her with her healing while she is asleep. 

As her strength and her belief in her life mastery grew, Ann took greater charge of her life and her healing.  Today, she works with a healing team – her oncologist, her nutritionist, and me.  She continues to take the remaining chemotherapy treatments and has chosen a pure organic vegetarian diet and supplements.  As her metaphysician, my focus and guidance shifted to teaching Ann ways to continue to take charge of her health.  At my suggestion, she includes turmeric in her diet and blesses her water before she drinks it.  I also counseled her on positive thinking, the benefits of prayer on her life and her health, and the power of visualization to manifest a cancer-free body.  Ann is surrounded by family and friends who love and support her. 

Two months after Ann’s first session with me, she received the news from her doctor that the cancer had shrunk more than 60% making it possible to remove the remaining cancer through surgery.  It is truly a remarkable manifestation.  I thank God for using me as a channel of healing Love and Light.

Other Client Healings

Here are more amazing healings I have witnessed:

A woman in her mid 60s who was fighting breast cancer for over 4 years came to my center for healing.  She had been told that she would have to undergo chemotherapy for the rest of her life.  On her third visit, she shared that doctors were so pleased with her progress that she no longer needed life-long chemotherapy.

I worked with a young child who was confused, fidgety, nervous, constantly rubbing his knee.  He also was in the habit of jerking his head back.  He wanted to please everyone but felt that he had failed.  During one of several sessions, I found and removed an attachment at the back of his neck.  His mother later shared with me that her son’s grades had improved and he was no longer rubbing his knee or jerking his head back.

A young woman in her early 40s sought healing for sclerosis on her lower back, a diagnosis she received at 16 years of age.  She was told that it could not be cured.  The condition caused her pain, limited her mobility and made it impossible for her to sleep on her back.  After several sessions, she excitedly shared that not only was she pain free, but she was able to hold yoga positions throughout an entire yoga session. 

At the request of his parents, I worked remotely on a young man who was in a coma in a Boston hospital.  Twenty-two years old and in good health, this young man had fallen into a coma for  no apparent reason.  Doctors could not figure out the cause.  In three remote sessions, I spoke with his soul.  He shared with me the pressure he was feeling from his parents to get married and his struggle to understand his own sexuality.  He wanted to be an artist but his parents were pressuring him to become a doctor.  I encouraged him to face his challenge with his truth, reflecting that perhaps he is the one who will help his parents learn unconditional love.  Shortly after the third session, he came out of his coma and returned to a healthy life.



Assisting the Transition

Another client, a wife and mother of a girl and a boy, first came to me in 2002.  She was suffering from Crohn’s Disease and had a very dysfunctional relationship with her husband.  Refusing a wheelchair, it took two people, one supporting each arm, to help her walk.  Early on, She confided to me that she was ready to leave her physical body.  Her only reason for living was her daughter and her son, who were only 7- and 9-years of age when her troubles began.  After a few trance healing sessions, she regained her strength.    

Six years later, I heard from her again.  She was diagnosed with stomach cancer, had already undergone surgery, and was in the middle of chemotherapy treatments.  Her doctors told her that she had only a year to live.  It was heartbreaking news.  Working in her home, I did several RoHun Purification and Caged sessions and a number of reflexology and trance healing sessions.  Later, as her cancer spread, I often visited her in the hospital.  In addition to the cancer, she dealt with other complications like burst stitches and infections around IVs and incisions.  She held on to life for another three years.  Two years ago, as her health declined, she asked me to be with her when she transitioned.  I was blessed to be with her in that moment, assisting her transition.  She was very beautiful.

A teacher, friend, and sister to me, She taught me the meaning of love, patience, and compassion.  Through her, I witnessed courage in action. 

My Observations

Many clients come to see me because they feel helpless or stuck.  Along with energy work, hypnotherapy and/or Rohun psychotherapy, I also educate them on how to reclaim their power.  I have observed that in most of these cases, healing is about 50% of the client’s sheer will power, the remaining 50% is dependent on karma and faith.  I believe that each time we send our Love and healing Light to someone, it always has a real and positive impact on the recipient’s well-being.  While some clients take longer to heal or show no outward signs of improvement, the seeds of healing and transformation have been planted.  It may be the next healer who finishes the healing we started.

Sometimes I face challenges in my practice.  I learn with each challenge, there is an opportunity for my personal transformations that pushes me to grow in my efficiency and wisdom.  Overtime I learn to trust myself. The more I trust myself, my channel, Spirit itself, the easier it becomes to help others.  I grow with my clients.  I laugh and cry with them.  I feel their suffering and struggling as if my own.  I also feel their triumphs as well.