We carry high quality sprays   made of natural ingredients and holy water; such as Archangel Michael, Smudge, Prosperity, Miracle Water and Chakras sprays  which are best for purification, protection, healing and manifestation.

Energy Healing Services

Feeling listless, disconnected from the world?  Continually fighting a cold or other ailment? Recovering from surgery or injury?  My Energy Services will help restore and balance your energy bodies, supporting greater spiritual and physical health.

Note:  Please wear white or light, pastel colored clothing for all Energy Healing appointment if possible.

Energy Healing Work                     

Fee: $80/one hour*

A lovely and restorative therapy, I channel the highest Energy of Light and Love from Guides, Archangels, Cosmic Beings, and Spiritual Doctors to remove blocks, repair etheric disruptions, open and balance your etheric energy.  I evoke this Energy of Love and Light through intention and kundalini breathing, moving my hands as I am guided by my Spiritual Doctors.  I may also use other tools like pure rose oil, pomander, or crystals during the healing session.  Negative energy is removed and replaced with positive energy, as I balance the male (right side) and female (left side) polarity within your energy.  We discuss any messages from higher dimensions that might come through during the healing.  This session is wonderfully rejuvenating and quite enlightening! 

Light Energization                

Fee: $100/45 minutes*

This is a beautiful and sacred energy healing for those who seriously desire to spiritually awakening and grow.  It is designed to raise your vibration, awakening and aligning each chakra, opening your psychic vision and strengthening your connection to the Higher Realms.  It is a profound and truly sacred process, designed to bring you to new levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.  Using kundalini breathing and evoking the assistance of Cosmic Beings, I work on your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies, balance your male and female energy, and leave time for you to bask in this higher vibration for additional healing and insights.  Profound and sacred, you leave with a renewed sense of your own Divinity and closer connection to the Source of All.



Fee: $70/one hour*

Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing that uses Universal Life Force Energy (Chi) which passes through the attuned Reiki master to the client.  Reiki works on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body.  During treatment my hands will be gently moved to a certain area of your body and in certain ways by the Divine Healing Guides.  After the session I discuss with you what I found and released during the healing. 

*At the time you book your session, ask about rates for senior citizens (over 65), children (under 16), and multiple session packages.