We carry high quality sprays   made of natural ingredients and holy water; such as Archangel Michael, Smudge, Prosperity, Miracle Water and Chakras sprays  which are best for purification, protection, healing and manifestation.

Psychotherapy Services

Experiencing dysfunction in your relationships, recurring issues in your job, in your life?  React without thinking, or feeling powerless, unable to bring happiness and contentment into your life?  If so, my Psychotherapy Services will help you to get to the root of your issue. 


Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Fee: $125/1.5 hours, $150/two hours*

First session last approximately 1 ½ hours – 2 hours, subsequent sessions approximately 1 – 1 ¼ hours.

Are you ready to live to your full potential but you don’t know how? Do you experience tension, depression, fears, fatigue, and/or certain physical complaints for which your doctor finds no physical basis?  Do you find difficult to get along with people? Do you have school, marital, sex issue, or do you merely feel irritable, unhappy, and believe you are not getting the most out of life? Do you have addictive behavior? Hypnotherapy can help you to release those unwanted negative emotion and issues.  Reclaim your power back so you can live to your full potential!

 Hypnotherapy is a method of relaxation and concentration that provides access to a unique state of consciousness.   During this altered state of consciousness, you will be able to tap into your subconscious mind to access any negative belief system that you hold which attracts negative reoccurring experience in your life.  Togather, we release these negative emotions and belief systems and replace them with empowering thoughts and affirmation to attract positive changes in your life.       


Energy Enhanced Psychotherapy

Fee: $100/1.5 hours, $150/ two hours*

Energy Enhanced Psychotherapy combines talk therapy counseling with the trance healing process to bring balance and healing to the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual body.  We begin this session with counseling:  talking one-on-one, addressing your challenges and emotional issues.  We then continue the session working directly in subtle energy bodies to find and remove those energy blocks that are contributing to the issues that we discussed and channeling energy healing assistance from Higher Realms.  This is a deep and moving experience that will leave you feeling relieved and peaceful.  Prepaid package is available for ongoing treatments of weekly or bi-weekly session at a discounted rate.                  

Past Life Regression                                

Fee: $125/one hour*

Many times past life traumas affect your current life condition.  Regression therapy helps to retrieve, understand, and heal these past traumas from your subconscious, bringing healing to your present life situation.  While you are in a relaxed state, I guide you through the regression process, enabling you to access the past life memory that pertains to the present life issue.  This therapy brings deeper understanding of the causes of present life challenges, including people in your life today who played a role in past life traumas, as well as a meaningful and forgiving release of that old trauma.  I will also cleanse any residues from this particular past life, assist you to heal your negative thoughts and conclusion, and assist you to bring your good qualities and new positive thoughts into you present life so you can attract positive experience in life.  This therapy is deeply insightful and therapeutic, an effective step towards living a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 


Yhandi Inner Child Psychotherapy                  

Fee: $600/4 sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours each*

This therapy process brings your Inner Child (emotions) and your Adult (thoughts) into harmony.  Using the metaphors of Child and Adult, we bring to light negative emotions and self-destructive thoughts that have been deeply repressed within your subconscious – emotions and thoughts that create issues like dysfunctional relationships, isolation, codependence, low self-esteem, anger problems, and addictive behavior.  At the conclusion of this therapy you will realize a stronger sense of clarity and joy, greater creative productivity, and a comforting sense of peace.  A commitment to all four sessions, conduct within a seven day period, is required.       


RoHun is a powerful and highly effective psychotherapy technique designed to discover, understand, heal, and release faulty thoughts and beliefs buried deep within your subconscious – thoughts and feelings that are at the root of unexplained emotions, reactive and sabotaging behavior, and that sense of “dis-ease.”  Tame those reactive, subversive parts of your lower Self and become the Master of your Life.  This process connects you with your Higher Self to clear blocks in your chakras (energy points), helping you to bring your Ego and Higher Self into cooperative harmony, manifesting a sense of happiness, contentment, and fulfillment in your life.  There is a series of RoHun processes, each designed to address deeper levels of emotional healing.   


RoHun Card Reading                                            

Fee: $100/one hour*

Unsure about RoHun Therapy?  Want to get a sense of the process without a multiple-session commitment? A RoHun Card Reading session is a great start.  Using a specially designed set of RoHun Cards in a structured process, we address two Reactive Selves, that is, two situations where reactive, emotional parts of you are creating limits and dysfunction.  We discover and release the faulty thoughts that are creating those restrictions, replacing them with positive affirmations and spiritual messages focused on helping you move forward in your life.  It is an eye-opening experience!


RoHun Cleanse                                        

Fee: $185/1.5 to 2 hours*

Also a good introduction to RoHun, the RoHun Cleanse enables you to experience RoHun on a deeper level with only a one-session commitment.  In a relaxed state, we find and heal faulty thoughts of being unworthy, helpless, and judgmental.  We also discover and release negative thoughts you attained from your parents.  We replace these released thoughts with positive affirmations, nourishing your Inner Child, and inviting a closer connection to your Guides and/or your Higher Self.   This a powerful and moving session!

RoHun Purifications                                

Fees: $600/3 sessions, 2 hours each*

The first in the RoHun series of therapy, the RoHun Purification process clears those faulty thoughts and associated blocks within the seven chakras, thoughts, blocks, and reactive selves that have been creating negative experiences in your life.  You discover and release deeply held and untrue thoughts about yourself and life, reaching new levels of awareness that can have a profound and positive impact on your life.  In this cleansed and freer state, you are able to create with positive thoughts, attracting opportunities and people with whom you can express the true you!  A commitment to all sessions, preferably conducted on consecutive days, is required. 

RoHun Caged Process                             

Fee: $800/4 sessions, 2 hours each*

Pre-requisite: Must have completed the RoHun Purification process 

Powerful, intense, enlightening, the RoHun Caged process takes a direct and serious look at your “shadow” side, that is, the ways you sabotage and hurt yourself and others.  During these sessions, we discover and heal those secretly held negative thoughts about yourself, damaging thoughts that are “caged,” locked away from your conscious perception.  We examine how those “caged” thoughts have hurt you and others, then consciously release those thoughts.  This is an intense process but highly rewarding, filled with “AHA” moments – greater awareness, deeper understanding, and personal freedom!  A commitment to all sessions, preferably conducted within seven days, is required.

RoHun Advance Processes

Fee:  See Below

Pre-requisite: Must have completed the RoHun Purification and RoHun Caged Processes.

Each RoHun Advanced process focuses on a specific area of deeper healing, continuing to heal parts of your subconscious at deeper levels, and expanding your awareness of your Self.  The following four individual processes may be conducted in any order:

-       The Androgynous Process examines, heals, and brings into harmony your Male and 

       Female energies.  Feel balanced and new sense of productivity.

       Fee: $555/three sessions*

-      The Divine Mother Process addresses and heals issues with mother figures in your 

       life, Mother Earth, and Divine Mother.  Become free of blocks and limitations from

       your mother relationships. 

       Fee: $185/one session*

-      The Origin Process heals issues with God and your choice to come to Earth. 

       Experience a newfound closeness to God. 

       Fee: $370/two sessions*

         -      The Seven Visions of Self Process brings all the major aspects of you into harmony.    
                         Return to wholeness!
Fee: $555/three sessions*


RoHun Deep Core Issues     

Fee: $800/3 to 4 sessions, 2 to 3 hours each*

Pre-requisite: must have completed all RoHun processes

In these transformative sessions, we will examine your deepest negative belief systems, beliefs upon which you define yourself, others, and the world.  We go to the core, the greatest depths, of who you are.  We cover the mental aspect (your thoughts), the emotional aspect (your feelings), and the destructive aspects (your self-abuse) of your Self, revealing old beliefs that have been creating havoc in your life.  We look at how these aspects are triggered and how they spiral in your life.  Most importantly, together, we develop exit strategies so that you consciously return to a positive state of being when one or more of these negative aspects surface.  It is truly transforming and liberating!  A commitment to all sessions, preferably conducted within seven days, is required.


RoHun Skim                                            

Fee: $200/1.5 to 2 hours*

Feeling emotions bubbling up?  Reactive behavior coming out of “nowhere”?  Feel the need to go deeper using one of the RoHun processes?  The RoHun Skim is an ideal means of continuing to clear and cleanse your energy.  For example, perhaps you are feeling angry or did something that you know was sabotaging, a Caged Skim session can help.  Skims sessions are available for the Purification, Caged, and Advanced processes.  Quick yet powerful therapy! 

*At the time you book your session, ask about rates for senior citizens (over 65), children (under 16), and multiple session packages.