We carry high quality sprays   made of natural ingredients and holy water; such as Archangel Michael, Smudge, Prosperity, Miracle Water and Chakras sprays  which are best for purification, protection, healing and manifestation.

Rev. Evi Cheung graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Florida majoring in Business in 1990.  With a thirst for knowledge of alternative healing, she attended Delphi University - a University of Spritual Tramining, Complementary & Alternative Energy Healing, Meaphyscis, Psychic Development, Spritual Art, and Transpersonal Psychology located in McCaysville GA.  She graduated from Delphi with a Doctorate degree in Transpersonal Psychology and in Alternative Medical Therapy in 2003.  She studied Entura Art from Patricia Hayes in 2009, and since then it has become her passion to express her love of spirits and channel energy through Entura Art drawings.  In 2013, Rev. Evi studied hypnotherapy and received her Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the Wellness Institute, located in Issaquah WA in December 2015. Rev. Evi is also a Reiki Master and a field instructor at Delphi University, teaching Entura Art classes, and conducting retreats and workshops.    

Rev. Evi Cheung has been practicing alternative healing since 1990.  Born in Indonesia and growing up in Singapore and the United States, she experiences a diverse culture that includes various spiritual belief systems, and healing methods of the East and the West.  Since she was young, she was always curious about energy and how the body, mind, and spirit work.  Rev. Evi helps clients to awaken their healer within, so they can heal themselves. She gives her clients tools and insights so they can overcome their life challenges.  Each time Rev. Evi learns a new modality, she experiment it on herself first, and if it works she incorporates her new acquired healing tools to her clients.  Her greatest joy is when she sees a permanent positive transformation in each individual.  In her free time she loves to go on retreats, travel to mystical places, and meeting other healers around the world to deepen her quest for knowing and loving God.  Rev. Evi Cheung has a private practice facility in Duluth, GA


The Power of Alternative Healing

Article written by Dr. Evi Cheung; published in Healing Arts Journal, Jan 2014

I am very blessed to have found Delphi University during this lifetime.  From the teaching of my Delphi teachers and mentors, I have been able not only to undergo my personal healing, but to share my healing gifts and talents with others.  In September 2012, I opened a healing center where I offer a number of energy therapies...