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There are significant moments in life that become a date stamp of one's life time experiences. This describes my rich experience of receiving a Trance Channeling session from Evi Cheung. Evi's gift of channeling transforms all time and space limitations in a loving environment created through her. Evi shared details that validated me and my internal knowing, and stretched my beliefs of personal possibility. Evi channeled information that allowed questions and conclusively connected personal loose ends; this shed light and understanding on current experiences in ways I had not perceived. The session included vivid detail of many life areas with a bonus of a recording. I highly recommend Evi Cheung as a truly Gifted Healer for anyone who desires an experience of Trance Channeling. You too, will be marking your session as an event that was positively life changing.
Laurita B – USA – (Trance Channeling)

I met Evi 12 years ago.  When I first came to see her it was for a reading and I didn't know what to expect.  After my first reading, I was amazed.  Her reading was correct.  Over the years she has continued to help me with readings & Rohun healing.  She has not only helped me heal, but my family as well.  Through her healing & spiritual teachings, Evi has brought me on a spiritual journey to make myself a better person and most importantly, she has taught me how to love myself.  I feel like I don't thank her enough for everything she has done for me and I am truly grateful and blessed to have her in my life.  

Rika H. – USA (RoHun, Trance Healing, Intuitive Counseling)

I've known Evi since I was 14 years old. When I first met her, I was going through a difficult time with my parents' divorce and moving to a new school.  Everything was confusing and I was battling at lot of things inside -- things I didn't even begin to understand.  I was angry, frustrated, insecure and unhappy. I never knew why and I began to feel guilty for feeling this way. After just a couple healing sessions with Evi, I quickly learned what these emotions meant and how to separate these from my future. I think a lot of people harbor their emotions from the past without realizing the impact they have on you today.  Through her healing & meditation sessions, I began to heal. I began to realize that these feelings didn't define me.  I learned to thank the experiences and move on and by moving on, I was able to find me.  Evi is one of the main reasons I am who I am today.  Her powerful healing sessions taught me to listen to my inner soul, a voice that goes unheard for many people.   Her readings have always steered me in the right direction...She just somehow knows what you need to hear & when you need to hear it. 10 years later, I still find myself going back to her for advice, spiritual healing, and further enhancing my spiritual connection. The most influential thing that I've learned from her is something I will practice for the rest of my life -- the power of prayer and meditation.  

Prayer is talking to God. Mediation is listening...  Thank you so much Evi for everything. God has truly blessed me by having you in my life. 

Priscilla H – USA (Trance Healing, Intuitive Counseling, RoHun)


Setelah 3 kali sessions dengan Dr. Evie, saya berasa sangat lega. Session pertama amat sangat membantu. Problem yang sudah menumpuk terungkapkan dan Dr. Evie bisa menguraikannya dengan lebih jelas. Saya berasa tidak berambang-ambang dengan problems saya dan Dr. Evie memberi solusi yang terbaik. Di session yang terakhir, saya berasa sekali Dr. Evie mengambil energy  saya yang negative. Untuk pertama kalinya di session yang terakhir ini, saya berasa eneergy hangat di dada saya dari Dr. Evie. Tidak bisa di ungkapkan dengan kata2 tetapi saya berasa nyaman ketika berasa Dr. Evie mengambil perasaan2 sedih saya. Dengan berkonsultasi beberapa kali, saya berasa lebih tabah dan kuat menjalankan tugas saya untuk mengatasi masalah ini dengan lebih terbuka pikiran yang positive dan damai. 

RJL- Indonesia – (Trance Healing & Trance Channeling).

Translation: After 3 healing sessions with Dr. Evi, I feel very relieved!  My first session is very helpful.  Dr. Evi found all the problems that I have been hiding in my sub-conscious level, and she helped me to understand why I was not happy with my life.  She gave me the best solution and steps to take to overcome my difficulties.  In the last session I felt strongly Dr Evi removed negative energy from my heart.  For the first time I can feel warm energy in my heart.  I can’t describe what it is exactly but I feel she removed my sadness.  I feel I am much stronger and I have peace within to overcome any challenges in my life with an open mind and positive attitude.    

RJL- Indonesia

I came to Evi a while back for a sleeping issue that I suddenly developed out of nowhere. It turned out, I realized now, it wasn't out of nowhere but rather it had been building up overtime. I didn't know it then but I do now. It was just that one day, out of nowhere, I just had a super hard time going to sleep and that lasted for 2 weeks straight. The fear of NOT being able to go to sleep every night and not being able to function normally the next day at work… I can still remember vividly. I tried everything else prior to seeing Evi: acupuncture, yoga, massage, and even went to see a doctor. And even though each and every one of them worked in their own way, I have to say, Trance Healing has produced the most satisfactory result with no need for me to take anxiety pill every day. 

I felt better and lighter right away, like a heavy weight had been lifted off of me. I felt so relaxed afterwards and I actually was able to sleep!! Usually I have to take anxiety pill to knock me out so something that you did really work!! The effect did last for a few days for sure. I think this is one of the things that work like seeing a chiropractor, you feel great right away but everything can't be fixed just by seeing them one time.

Tina W – USA (Trance Healing).

I had come to Dr. Evi yesterdy for Reiki healing.  I just cannot thank her enough for yesterdays's session.  I am feeling so light in my chest and head.  All this while my feet would be very cold and my legs hurt a lot and felt very weak.  But after yesterday's cleansing, my feet are so warm and my legs feel very good too.  It was a wonderful experience.

I'm looking forward to meet her again.